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May 30

Studies shows that more and more architecture graduates have problems with finding a good job. But what actually means a “good” job? First of all, a good job should ensure right professional development. Secondly, it should give you a decent salary. And finally, a job should be so good that you will fall in love with it. But how to find a job which meets the requirements above? Here is your answer!

Architects design, plan, and supervise the construction of buildings. They are responsible for the safety, usefulness, and aesthetics of their buildings. They must design structures that satisfy their clients’ needs while conforming to the laws and regulations of the areas in which the structures will be built. So this is not  an easy job. What is more important, apart from all these duties architects must compete with other representatives of their profession. In recent decades, more and more people want to be architects. This occupation is prestigious and it allows to create beautiful buildings which will be standing for ages. So is there a way to find this ideal job? Of course there is! Meet Arcilook’s Offers section – latest offers from building industry.

Arcilook’s Offers it is a section of the service which enables adding/responding to different types of offers. It does not matter if you are a senior architect, project manager, landscape architect or student who is looking for a quality practice. Here you can find offers from all over the world. Simply you can register as a specialist and answer to offer. You can also add information about your experience, projects etc. Then post it completely for free! 

Arcilook’s Offers also allows you to post offer if you are looking for employers and co-workers. It does not matter what are you going  to built, whether a small holiday house or a big skyscraper. Here you can add and find a wide range of offers from many industries. It is a simple and free way to reach thousands of people. 

Arcilook’s Offers section includes: request for proposal/offers; student practice; tenders; architects competition

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