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Apr 11

This concept of a skyscraper looks like taken out from a Science Fiction novel. The idea of creating such a bizarre structure is based on using lightnings to supply power to the building. Today, the world’s largest skyscrapers are being regularly struck by lightnings, and the designer’s main concern is how to protect them and the people inside.
Here the presumption is the opposite- to use these vast amounts of energy. The building would be constructed from graphene- an extremely durable and lightweight material, which also conducts electricity ( in 2008 it was one of the most expensive materials in the world). In practice, the entire building would be a giant Faraday cage, and the electricity would flow to equally large capacitors. This energy could be used to power the entire building.

The idea seems great, but the possibility of its implementation does not look optimistic. Although a lightning triggers an enormous amount of energy (an average of 500 thousand megawatts), it lasts only a split of a second, so there would be needed a large number of them to be able to actually use them. Moreover, attempts to use the power of thunder has already been carried out, unfortunately, with miserable results. The researchers note that the real power resides in the storm itself, but an attempt to get it from lightning would not have much chance of success.

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