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May 31

Every project manager knows how important is a constant access to project files. When you are working in closely specified time limits every hour has a great value. In this situation you cannot permit yourself to lose any of those priceless minutes to get files that you need at the moment. Here comes cloud computing which changes the way business utilizea IT infrastructure. Even smaller firms can benefit from what the cloud has to offer. Take a look at the cloud-based solution which will definitely improve your work and save your time.

Meet Arcilook’s Files Manager – a tool which will help you to manage all your projects files in one place. It is no longer necessary to send your files via email or uploading them to some flash drive in order to have them always with you. Arcilook’s Files Manager lets you to work on any computer with the confidence that you will always have everything you need. You and your co-workers will have more flexibility and mobility than ever before. This is an excellent solution especially for those who are often on the go. Thanks to simple sharing method, you can exchange  files with your partners simpler than any time before. You can send direct link to anyone you want and give them access to those files from everywhere. 

Considering the project files not only mobile access and simple sharing are important issues. Probably the most crucial thing is how strong your data is protected. First of all, is not always necessary to protect your files from the others, because sometimes you need to have solutions for your mistakes e.g. spilled coffee or accidental trashed data. Arcilook’s Files Manager is like time machine that lets you undo mistakes. Secondly, you need to have a secured place where you can store you most confidential files. That is why puts great effort to make all files as secure as possible. The users can store and share all the content without any worries. To make files exchange simple, Arcilook’s Files Manager offers 3 levels of accessibility within project files:

- public – files in this folder are available for all users both those who are registered in the service and those who are not (client/investor). You just need to send the generated link (Public URL) and forget about using FTP.

- protected – files in this folder are available only for project members, so everyone in your team can use them any time they need, without bothering you.

- private – this folder contains files that are available only for you.

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