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Dec 20

Due to the high level of registration demand for the Cambodian Sustainable Housing Design competition organizers have decided to extend the time available to register by one week to give hopeful applicants more time to register.
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Dec 11

We are certain some of you Hip-hop enthusiasts out there wondered how the crib of American rapper Pharrell Williams looks like. Well, we found his 9,000-square-foot penthouse duplex in Miami, Florida, listed for sale for $16.8 million. The self-entitled Kidult (you guessed right, this is the result of merging “kid” and “adult”) described his home as a reverse fishbowl, one that allows him to see everything happening outside, without him being observed.
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Nov 30

This V4 house in Sao Paolo, Brazil, by MK27 studio is a cool example of modern architecture and design. The house is one-storied though very broad; there’s a vast concrete roof above it. The public living spaces are delineated by four slender columns, wrapped in retractable glass doors to immerse the inhabitants of the house in the outdoor environment. Now, enjoy the interiors: warm colors, modern style and bright accents. An interesting feature is wicker furniture, juicy green armchairs to make an accent and a small hearth in the center of the room. The interior is mostly minimalist but with unusual details and lines.
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Nov 29

There comes a time when we remember our childhood and all the foolish games we played. In a way or another, each and every one of us, keeps inside the sunny days, the laughter and the happy simple things, that coloured our lives back then. “Building” your own tree house seemed an important step. Today, the values have changed but the essence remains the same: we all “dream” of designing our dream home. What about blending dreams, those from then and these from now? Meet the Treehouse, a sustainable project, designed by the German firm, Baumraum, in a Flemish forest in Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium.
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Nov 28

We ran across a lovely collection of eclectic interiors spiced up with vintage elements by designer Timothy Oulton and thought of sharing them further. Boasting sophistication and creativity, each of the 20 interiors below was developed according to a certain theme. As the designer explains, some of them were inspired by the “Beat” culture of 1950s America, where writers and creative-types championed non-conformity.
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Nov 27

Eclectic of styles always looks good if they mix well and don’t look abundant. This apartment in Stockholm is done in a mix of styles but it looks cozy and charming. The furniture is mid-century, there are some rustic and vintage pieces – have a look at this cute sideboard with a flower pattern. There are smart space-saving solutions like a big shelves system on the wall or drawers in the bed. The color scheme is light and very pleasant: the main color is white, there are some black and colorful touches like yellow or pink, they don’t overwhelm the look. Plants and flowers in blossom give a romantic touch and bring coziness to the space.
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Nov 26

1. Airplanes

When buying a home most of us consider residential neighborhoods with traditional homes. Few would consider the idea of converting nonresidential structures into homes but there are those who are more adventurous. The range of unusual structures is broad; from grain silos to old fire towers architects have stretched their imaginations to create truly unique homes.
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Nov 23

The art of serving the table was born in France, in this land of beauty, style and exquisiteness. The times of meridian of French aristocracy are the times that we can still admire due to the fantastic luxury in every detail. What is a classical French dining room? It may be classical – Classique or rustic – Campagne; the first group is more official while the second is simpler. Every interior – no matter, if it’s rustic, garden style or traditional one – brings special French charm to the space. The colors are mostly calm and pastel but there are some ideas with bright accents. So, look for some inspiration below – these are real dining room of real French families, enjoy!
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